Awards and Features

SD Bankers Calendar

Being selected for the South Dakota Bankers Calendar is a prestigious achievement for photographers. This calendar, presented by the South Dakota Bankers Association, features captivating images that truly capture South Dakota’s essence, making it a significant recognition in the world of photography.

Experience SF Visitors Guide

Partnering with Experience Sioux Falls to contribute images for the Sioux Falls Visitor’s Guide has been an exciting opportunity to showcase the city’s unique beauty. These images, often serving as visitors’ first glimpse of Sioux Falls, have the power to inspire and captivate. As they leaf through the guide, travelers are greeted with a visual tour of the city’s attractions, culture, and scenic landscapes, making our collaboration an integral part of their introduction to this vibrant and inviting destination.

Comedy Wildlife Awards

Earning a place in the top 30 among over 10,000 entries in the Comedy Wildlife Awards is an extraordinary achievement and a testament to the photographer’s exceptional talent and creativity. This globally renowned competition, one of the largest in the world, celebrates the art of capturing hilarious and heartwarming moments in the animal kingdom. Being among the top contenders in this prestigious event is a remarkable recognition of the photographer’s ability to evoke joy and laughter through their work, making it a significant milestone in the world of wildlife photography.


Sharing knowledge and experiences through interviews and lessons is a significant way to give back to the photography community and inspire aspiring photographers. Andrew’s interview for Bold Journey, a platform dedicated to stories of personal growth and exploration, provides valuable insights and guidance for those looking to embark on their own photographic journeys. This act of sharing not only fosters a sense of community but also empowers budding photographers with the tools and inspiration needed to refine their skills and develop their unique creative vision. It highlights the importance of mentorship and paying it forward, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth within the photography world.

The Happiness Hour

Andrew Peschong’s public speaking skills shine in his latest presentation on The Happiness Hour, where he effortlessly engages and enlightens his audience. As a South Dakota-based landscape and travel photographer, Andrew’s ability to convey the intricacies of packing for unforgettable photographic journeys is both informative and captivating. He not only imparts practical tips but also takes his audience on a mesmerizing visual journey to destinations like the Faroe Islands and Botswana. Andrew’s talent as a speaker lies in his knack for seamlessly blending theory with real-life experiences, making the audience feel as if they are embarking on these adventures themselves. His presentation is a masterclass in sharing expertise and igniting the passion for photography and exploration.

Sioux Falls Camera Club

Andrew recently delivered an outstanding presentation at the Sioux Falls Camera Club, where he showcased his remarkable public speaking skills and shared his expertise as a landscape and travel photographer. Andrew’s ability to engage, inform, and inspire his fellow photographers was evident as he delved into the art of packing for unforgettable photographic journeys. He seamlessly combined practical tips with captivating stories and visuals from his travels to destinations like the Faroe Islands and Botswana, making the audience feel as if they were right there with him. His presentation not only provided valuable insights but also ignited a shared passion for photography and exploration among the members of the Sioux Falls Camera Club, leaving a lasting impression.


Sharing insights and an interview with Pigeon605 was an exhilarating experience for Andrew. The platform’s dedication to capturing the essence of South Dakota and its unique stories resonated with him as a landscape and travel photographer. Through this interview, he had the opportunity to shed light on the beauty and joy that photography brings to his life and share his passion for visually storytelling. It was an exciting collaboration that allowed Andrew to connect with fellow photography enthusiasts and impart the magic of his craft, further fueling his commitment to showcasing the world’s wonders through his camera lens.